Andrii System Administrator

  • Kraków, Poland

ID: 4469

About Me

Skills: 1. Experience in Billing System technical support 2. SIP knowledge. 3. FreeBSD/Linux administrator, administrator of third party software 4. Web support: apache,SSL, perl, php 5. Network administration. 6. MySQL database: administration and optimization 7. Experience with SQL 8. Programming education: Java, Perl, PHP, Pascal, C/C++ 9. Shell scripting. 10. Experience in Monitoring System. 11. PortaBilling/PortaSIP/PortaUM Specialization: Billing System technical support, FreeBSD/Linux administration, SIP engineering, developer, database administration, Monitoring System administration, Network administration, PortaBilling, PortaSIP, PortaUM

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Skills description

PHP is one of the most common languages used in web development (including Java, .NET, Perl, Python). PHP is supported by the overwhelming majority of hosting providers and its code can be even embedded directly into the html-code pages. PHP libraries are built for different databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Hyperware, Informix, InterBase and Sybase. Probably it is one of the reasons why PHP is so popular. In general, almost every experienced backend programmer should have a fluent knowledge of PHP. It is a basis, which allows the BackEnd PHP developer create nice working web applications, or develop a customized CMS for websites of different complexity. In addition, a good Full Stack PHP Developer can create additional plug-ins to customize an existing CMS such as Drupal. All the interviews with potential executors are free, no hidden fees or commissions. You pay only for what is already done! ;) That’s AOG, welcome!

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